Pod of Funk : Funk Podcast from London, UK


Funkpod 47: Or Am I Dreaming?

Funk is the smell of sex – and as music it is also the natural essence of physical human love. Don’t ever be misled by people who want to portray the funk as fear. Funk has no fear – it is in fact a profound celebration of life itself, crossing boundaries, making waves, shaking funky asses everywhere, and loosening the grip of oppression, as its syncopated beats and deep basslines ripple their way around the world, an unstoppable force of nature by which every generation can evolve into something better and more beautiful. 

You will recognise it when you hear the chains snapping, the chairs going over, and the people rising up and coming out onto the streets to dance. After you hear this music, you will be fertile with Funk’s imagination. You will blissfully remember the joy of Funk until you leave this green planet. Funk will befriend the renegade misfits and the straight up-and-down, mothers and fathers and brothers and grandmothers in a communion of funk, and you will be glad of it.

For it is written:

“Blessed be the funky,
And the unfunky, 
They too shall be blessed,
Just less funky.”

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