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Funkpod May 2020: Rejuvenation

After being marooned on a series of remote desert islands and isolated in shanty town dwellings, Deek Deekster returns once more to take his place at this legendary funk station to remedy the state of the world. A glorious two hour comeback, featuring artists old and new, ‘Rejuvenation’ Pod of Funk is a rippling river of timeless, eclectic music.

Paying tribute to our ancestors who have left us with life-saving health enhancements in musical form as well as new works by Real Living People, the podcast includes an interview with the artist Jonas Qvale, and his magical ensemble Hornorkesteret which beautifully bends neolithic antlers and bones to create haunting, futuristic tones.  ‘Rejuvenation’ also contains an interstellar slice of darkness made from light via Lagowski’s new release, ‘Secrets of Numbers’.

Pod of Funk is back – tell your mates.

Track List

Thanks Paul Hutchinson!

Funkpod Twenty Eight and Twenty Nine: Twins!

Let the beats and basslines rule… Pod of Funk, funk podcast par excellence, expands into the northern season of deepest grooves with a one and three quarter hour mix of of hip-hop, soul, trip-hop, african, latin, reggae, house, techno and classical – a masterwork of beautiful beat music… laid end to end, this funky podcast will circumnavigate the world until it moves its funky ass and gets happy.

Duration: 105:15

Funkpod #28 & 29 tracks:

TomC3 & Prince Po – “Now and Then”
Africando – “Dacefo”
Kool Keith feat Kutmasta Kurt – “You Know the Game”
Sean Hayes – “Turnaroundturnmeon”
Kutmasta Kurt presents – “Call The National Guard”
The Gingirikani Marimba Band – “Nongani”
Feeling Carioca – “Bikini Talk”
Guvna Dub – “Turbo Dub”
Orchestra Baobab – “Souleymane”
DJ Bitman – “El Diablo”
DJ Bitman – “Tropilove”
Tom Middleton – “Shinkansen”
Ananda Project – “Christmas Lights”
Thomas Jensen – “Introduction et Caprice sur des Airs Hongroises, Op. 58”
Capaciti and A-Scratch – “One Too Many Sick Days”
Grand Kalle – “Indépendance Chacha”
Rodney Hunter – “Wanna Groove? feat. Jay Sebag”
Openair – “Anti Climax”
Giovanny Dj – “Colombia Sabor”
Toy Boy – “Belle & Sebastian”
Tears Of Velva – “The Way I Feel”
Mise en Scene – “Neo~Ylo”

Full track listing with links here.


Mixed by Deek Deekster; thanks to IODA Promonet

All tracks are “Pod of Funk Safe”®.

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