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Funkpod January 2011 : A New Chapter

Celebrate and give thanks! for a new year is with us bringing a brand new Pod of Funk, an updated Funkpod.co.uk website and a brand new mix of funk, soul, drum and bass, and eclectic music from Deek Deekster, the nation’s 11th most beloved podcaster.

Tunes from Ikebe Shakedown, Poets of Rhythm, Dirty Honkers, Touchphonics, The Twin Cats, Tomas Phillips and Marihiko Hara, Paul Avgerinos, Film Noir World, Durojaiye Versatile, Sharon Lang, Betty Davis, and Pronto.

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  1. richie

    Thanks deek! good to hear you back and in top form. A great start to 2011 and a well needed distraction from my anxiety inducing return to work tomorrow!

    3 January, 2011 at 17:26

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