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Funkpod May 2013: Basel

Powered by funky eclectic grooves and piloted by Deek Deekster, the world’s favourite funk podcast launches a new satellite into the heavens. As it assumes geostationary orbit, feel the funk create a better world, a world you no longer dreamed was possible.

Includes tracks from The Poets of Rhythm, Jarvis Humby, The Triplett Twins, The Jive Turkeys, BadboE, Linoleum Lineage: Omanjamari & DJ Rylo, JD73, Los Sospechos, Talbi One, Durojaiye Versatile and all the hits you never heard.

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Funkpod Thirty Four: Midsummer Moon

Doing things in twos, Deek Deekster arrives at the full moon in time for the midsummer solstice, with a fat heap of bass-heavy, groove-defined tunes, from hip hop to drum ‘n’ bass, latin funk to electro, motorcycle engine to military, in an hour of eclectic ear amusement which you should turn up loud in order to stimulate your body to move itself about in erotic and sexually provocative ways. Contains videobloggers.

Duration: 59:30

Funkpod #34 tracks:
Spoonbill – “2 Spoons”
Lotek – “Control Alt Delete”
Presto – “Bring It Live”
Maldy, Opi & Jason, Los Vegas – “Mi Victima”
Presto – “Space Walk”
Spoonbill – “Low Easy”
Chuck Jonkey – “Fire Ants”
Chuck Jonkey – “Hog Heaven”
Tisha – “Finally Here”
DJ Clart – “So Selfish”
US Air Force Band of Liberty – “on Silver Wings”

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Pod of Funk is produced and presented by Deek Deekster. Many thanks to IODA Promonet, Phreadz People (who contributed some great new bumpers – thanks!).

All tracks are “Pod of Funk Safe”®.

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