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Funkpod May 2020: Rejuvenation

After being marooned on a series of remote desert islands and isolated in shanty town dwellings, Deek Deekster returns once more to take his place at this legendary funk station to remedy the state of the world. A glorious two hour comeback, featuring artists old and new, ‘Rejuvenation’ Pod of Funk is a rippling river of timeless, eclectic music.

Paying tribute to our ancestors who have left us with life-saving health enhancements in musical form as well as new works by Real Living People, the podcast includes an interview with the artist Jonas Qvale, and his magical ensemble Hornorkesteret which beautifully bends neolithic antlers and bones to create haunting, futuristic tones.  ‘Rejuvenation’ also contains an interstellar slice of darkness made from light via Lagowski’s new release, ‘Secrets of Numbers’.

Pod of Funk is back – tell your mates.

Track List

Thanks Paul Hutchinson!

Pod of Funk Number Twenty Four

Pod of Funk is a funk music podcast from London, UK, which contains funk, as well as soul, trip-hop, jazz, hip-hop, jazz, reggae, world, and eclectic electronica: ambient, drum and bass, rave, techno, disco… funk knows no boundaries, it goes wherever the groove leads, on a winding and discursive road, with the best basslines and beats that Deek Deekster can get his hands on.

Funkpod Twenty Four: Time Lags

An interview with Andrew Lagowski of SETI, in a dark ambient techno / raw funk mashup in Lincolns Inn Fields, London. Discussed: the album “Temporary Distractions”, fetishisation of packaging, the problem of getting people to physically engage with music, and the condition of never being satisfied. Medical Advisory: this podcast contains repetitive hypnotic beats and may inspire visionary states and/or radical views.

Duration: 59:43

Pod of Funk #24 contents:

The Bamboos featuring Alice Russell
Pink *
La Mer featuring Clara Hill *
The Sound Stylistics – Keeping On
Sunday Drive *
Lagowski – Parallel
Lagowski – Mocean Beats
Lagowski – Warm Approach
Lagowksi – Random How
Acoustic Ladyland – Something Beautiful (Lodestone Remix)
Killer Kazoo Rock
Funkanetics – Elevator
Lagowski – Pervert

Thanks to Andrew Lagowski, Freestyle Records and Ars Benevola Mater, Italy.

* Tracks marked from IODA Promonet (check back for updated links)

All tracks are “Pod of Funk Safe”®.

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