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Pod of Funk Number Twenty One

Pod of Funk is the funkiest podcast in the world. Released twice monthly as often as possible, mixed and presented by Deek Deekster, it’s a truly broad mix of everything funk, and a fine selection of modern bassline-driven dance music from London, UK.

This cross-over music programme contains jazz, trip-hop, soul, hip-hop, world music, ambient, and the cosmos. Exclusive interviews and situationist commentary by your host make this an essential addition to your podcatcher.

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Funkpod Twenty One: Up Down or Sideways

Beginning on a very mellow tip, Deek plays the game of up, down or sideways to arrive at the funkiest destination.

Duration: 52:54

Pod of Funk #21 contents:

Lokumu– Pod of Funk Intro
Jellybass– Wobble
Sovra– Nam Rengeykyo
Blue Poets– Dedication
James Sanger – When I Feel You’re Going Down
SETI – Lowfly
Ashley Slater– Summer Smile
Nood – Salaam, Baby
ApproachFunk Reaction. Buy at eMusic
Mutandina – Portate Bien


All tracks are “Pod of Funk Safe”®.

Thanks to: Random Audio Records Promonet Magnatune.

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