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Pod of Funk Number Twenty Three

Pod of Funk is a proper music podcast from London, UK, which contains funk, jazz, trip-hop, soul, hip-hop, world, ambient and classical. It’s one of those rare podcasts that you wish came out more often. But then, it wouldn’t be rare then, would it?

Funkpod Twenty Three: Midsummer

Eclectic is the word, as Deek Deekster’s quest for big fat bass, deep sexy grooves and stunning sonics ranges from Norway to Jamaica, via Lincoln Beach, Paris and India.

Duration: 1:04:12

Pod of Funk #23 contents:

The Devils – “Just Like That” from “Absolutely Another Allentown Anglophile “Again”” – Buy at iTunes Music Store

Betty Davis – “Anti Love Song” from from “Betty Davis” – Buy at iTunes Music Store

Corsair – “Efrin” from “Towards Nova Zembla” – Buy at iTunes Music Store

Ashley Slater“Softly” – from the album “Cellophane”

Vimpel – “Sticky Patch”

Barrington Levy – Murderer – from “Original Ragga Muffin Part One” – Buy at iTunes Music Store

Chapter 11 – “Ragamuffin Girlfriend” from “Going For Broke” – More On This Album

Khayree – “Forever Hustlin” – from “The Mac Break Downs Vol. 1” – Buy at iTunes Music Store

Gail Muldrow – “Where’d You Get Yo Funk From” – Buy at iTunes Music Store

Lena CullenTrue Colours

Prem Joshua – “Funky Guru” from “Yatri” – Buy at eMusic

Lou Bastion – “Tabla Groove” from “Now or Never” – Buy at iTunes Music Store

Egg Chair Architects – “I Find It In You” – Buy at Napster

The Eden Symphony Orchestra – “Be Still My Soul” – Buy at Napster

All tracks are “Pod of Funk Safe”®.

Pod of Funk © Deek Deekster 2007 My Eclectic Final Five Minutes Productions

Email: deek [dot] deekster [at] gmail [dot] com

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One Response

  1. Paul

    Barrington Levy?
    Man, school days, dude.
    Sudbourne (Brixton), Langbourne (Southwark), Kingsdale (Southwark), South London College (Knights Hill), City University (North Islington).
    I am glad I spent some years in London (age 7-21).
    Thanks for another quality Pod.

    – Paul H

    19 June, 2007 at 00:36

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