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Pod of Funk Number Twenty Four

Pod of Funk is a funk music podcast from London, UK, which contains funk, as well as soul, trip-hop, jazz, hip-hop, jazz, reggae, world, and eclectic electronica: ambient, drum and bass, rave, techno, disco… funk knows no boundaries, it goes wherever the groove leads, on a winding and discursive road, with the best basslines and beats that Deek Deekster can get his hands on.

Funkpod Twenty Four: Time Lags

An interview with Andrew Lagowski of SETI, in a dark ambient techno / raw funk mashup in Lincolns Inn Fields, London. Discussed: the album “Temporary Distractions”, fetishisation of packaging, the problem of getting people to physically engage with music, and the condition of never being satisfied. Medical Advisory: this podcast contains repetitive hypnotic beats and may inspire visionary states and/or radical views.

Duration: 59:43

Pod of Funk #24 contents:

The Bamboos featuring Alice Russell
Pink *
La Mer featuring Clara Hill *
The Sound Stylistics – Keeping On
Sunday Drive *
Lagowski – Parallel
Lagowski – Mocean Beats
Lagowski – Warm Approach
Lagowksi – Random How
Acoustic Ladyland – Something Beautiful (Lodestone Remix)
Killer Kazoo Rock
Funkanetics – Elevator
Lagowski – Pervert

Thanks to Andrew Lagowski, Freestyle Records and Ars Benevola Mater, Italy.

* Tracks marked from IODA Promonet (check back for updated links)

All tracks are “Pod of Funk Safe”®.

Pod of Funk © Deek Deekster 2007 My Eclectic Final Five Minutes Productions

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One Response

  1. stephen

    Nice ‘cast. If it’s helpful, I thought that Lagowski track “Random How” kinda sounded like an updated Morton Subotnik.

    10 September, 2007 at 05:29

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