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Pod of Funk Number Twenty Five

Pod of Funk: the world-famous, dirty great funk music podcast from London, UK. This kind of orgasmic, organic funk knows only how to move, it unswervingly goes wherever the groove leads, on a long, winding and cursing road, along with the best basslines and beats that Deek Deekster can get his filthy hands on.

Funkpod Twenty Five: Funk Swears By Dub

Duration: 46:55

Funkpod #25 contents:

Manuel Roll / The Supreme Moment – Surrounded by Ninjas
Marva Whitney – I Am What I Am
Dr Kuch – The Persuaders Dub
Kava – Stay (Hidden and Direct)
Bombay Dub Orchestra – Mumtaz (The Ornament of the Palace Remix)
Heavyweight Dub Champion – Return of the Champion
Cookin’ On Three Burners – Gravel Rash
Two Loons For Tea – Consuela
Strings of Consciousness – In Between

Thanks to Freestyle Records IODA Promonet and Magnatune (check back for more details..)

All tracks are “Pod of Funk Safe”®.

Pod of Funk © Deek Deekster 2007 My Eclectic Final Five Minutes Productions

Email: deek [dot] deekster [at] gmail [dot] com

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One Response

  1. Mike O'Hara

    Mr Deekster

    Just listened to this one last night. Marvellous stuff. The Pod of Funk just gets better & better.

    Top marks, sir!


    7 September, 2007 at 07:37

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