Pod of Funk : Funk Podcast from London, UK

Pod of Funk Number Twenty

Great grooves: classic, rare and eclectic funk, jazz, trip hop, soul and more from London.

Funkpod Twenty: Rough and Ready

It’s the end of music as we know it, but it’s also the beginning of something even more beautiful. Deek Deekster engages physically with the microphone and plays sweet deep and dirty funk.

Duration: 40 minutes

Pod of Funk #20 contents:

Mitch Kashmar – Funky Dee Wake Up & Worry Download “Funky Dee” (mp3) from “Wake Up & Worry” by Mitch Kashmar
DELTA GROOVE PRODUCTIONS Buy at eMusic Buy at iTunes Music Store

King Cobb Steelie – Punished By Funk Destroy All Codes Download “Punished By Funk” (mp3) from “Destroy All Codes” by King Cobb Steelie
Outside Music Buy at eMusic Buy at iTunes Music Store

Vimpel – Do I Worry?
Lena Cullen – Money Love – Lena on CD Baby
DFRW – The Environmental Sound of Reproduction
HighEnd – After Traffic Chill Pill Vol. 3 Download “After Traffic” (mp3) from “Chill Pill Vol. 3” by HighEnd
Groove Gravy Records Buy at GroupieTunes Buy at eMusic

Beatundercontrol – Blue Light – Download from Magnatune

Together With Jesus Download “I’m Glad About It” (mp3) from “Together With Jesus” by Rev. Richard White SnailWorx More On This Album


All tracks are “Pod of Funk Safe”®.

Thanks to: Promonet Magnatune.

Pod of Funk © Deek Deekster 2007 My Eclectic Final Five Minutes Productions

3 Responses

  1. dfox

    That harmonica sure was funky! Nice first half of the show – Listen to the rest later! 🙂

    13 April, 2007 at 02:01

  2. PH

    That was one funky set of tunes, sir.
    Many thanks for assembling it all together for our listening pleasure.

    14 April, 2007 at 01:10

  3. Domi

    Hey, I really liked the song by Vimpel, but neither beatport or djdownload or itunes show any results for it. Where can I get this song “Do I worry” ? Do they have more good stuff – because it is exactly that paranoid funky style that I like…
    Cheers, Dom

    20 May, 2007 at 21:36

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