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Funkpod May 2020: Rejuvenation

After being marooned on a series of remote desert islands and isolated in shanty town dwellings, Deek Deekster returns once more to take his place at this legendary funk station to remedy the state of the world. A glorious two hour comeback, featuring artists old and new, ‘Rejuvenation’ Pod of Funk is a rippling river of timeless, eclectic music.

Paying tribute to our ancestors who have left us with life-saving health enhancements in musical form as well as new works by Real Living People, the podcast includes an interview with the artist Jonas Qvale, and his magical ensemble Hornorkesteret which beautifully bends neolithic antlers and bones to create haunting, futuristic tones.  ‘Rejuvenation’ also contains an interstellar slice of darkness made from light via Lagowski’s new release, ‘Secrets of Numbers’.

Pod of Funk is back – tell your mates.

Track List

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Funkpod May 2013: Basel

Powered by funky eclectic grooves and piloted by Deek Deekster, the world’s favourite funk podcast launches a new satellite into the heavens. As it assumes geostationary orbit, feel the funk create a better world, a world you no longer dreamed was possible.

Includes tracks from The Poets of Rhythm, Jarvis Humby, The Triplett Twins, The Jive Turkeys, BadboE, Linoleum Lineage: Omanjamari & DJ Rylo, JD73, Los Sospechos, Talbi One, Durojaiye Versatile and all the hits you never heard.

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Pod of Funk Number Six Point Five

Classic, rare and eclectic funk, jazz, soul, trip hop, and more from London.

Funkpod Six Point Five: Planet Therapy

Bitter and twisted as a result of hearing too few grooves with a spiritual dimension, Deek Deekster uses funk to improve his mood, as he studies the steadfast survival path and the uplifting funk / rock / reggae vibe of Planetman.

Planetman and the Internationalz – All The Walls
Planetman Live at the Infinity Club, London – Improvisation Call and Response
Planetman and the Internationalz – Draft Dodger
More Interview
Planetman and some friends from Holland – Elf Dreams
More Interview
Planetman and the Internationalz – Listen To Your Heart

Duration: 26 minutes

Interview originally published May 2006

First All tracks are “Pod of Funk Safe”®.

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